Zourva: Arabic provenance, exists in Andros same toponym as well as in Chania.

AGKINAROSELIA(artichoke + Seli = mountain neck << narrow mountain pass >>): small settlement in the mountain chain of Timios Stavros.

AGOROI(Αγόροι): small traditional settlement of Latsida. Census in 1951 with 22 inhabitants. There stone reliefs inscription dated << 15 April 1814>> . Name of the local idiom AGOROS(Αγόρος) magnifying of the word boy,the local tradition says that, as the boy is strong and provide - contributes at home and the location of due to in goods,olives, almond trees, etc. They named Agoro(Αγόρο)= place strong and rich.

SOPATA(ΣΟΠΑΤΑ): settlement of Latsida Spelling Sopata(Σώπατα) the (ω) omega, in the magazine <<Myson >>  without justification for this spelling. Toponym idiomatic from straight + tread = sopato(σόπατο).

PANAGIA KERAGONIOTISSA: around 1200 AD built by exhortation of a woman who came from the Gonies(Γωνιές) village. Miracle small church.

PLAKA: south of the village there is a plate in this place and named it. Territorial toponym with many legends and traditions surrounding it.

PALAIMYLOS: located south of the village and the river that springs from Kavalara, just below its source. Of old + mill. Many legends exist around him with fairies and elves.

TOULOUPANAS: In the east of the village and just after the cemetery of Ag. Paraskevi Latsida is the place name. There were at this place flourmills. idiomatic toponym, the air passes with great momentum from the place that the locals say that touloupaniazei = scans that found in front of him.

PALAIKAMINO: Old + furnace located after watering. From the stones was built the church of St. George. It vernacular toponym.

TOFALOS: today there is no say that the village Latsida was there, the road was opened up towards the metochia unearthed some objects and clay pots that testify to the existence of a settlement. Maybe great earthquake destroyed it and only axin of the archaeologist and Byzantinologists will give fuller studies of and come out into the light so many interesting places.

BO(ΜΠΩ):west of the village and prior to the chapel of Agios Konstantinos is located this toponymy, stou Bo(Μπω). Today something few ruins show that there there was village. A stone anaglyph inscription was found, but the last years was stolen from unknown or was used by farmer in farm.

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