The village of Latsida, located on the west side of the "trough of Mirabello" and just 3.5 km from Neapoli Mirabello.

What era was built in our village is unknown. However, the first settlement is believed to have been built at "Kamari" and called "Kostis-Village". But because there fell plague, the settlement was abandoned and a new village was built on its current location.
The name Latsida believed that comes from his seat. As soon as the sun rises, bathe the village rays, so called Liatsida and corruption Latsida.
Since old times the village was the target of various conquerors because he was rich and productive.
The Venetian tower which still exists today reveals that Venetians conquerors had settled in the village.
Also the place names "Kalaritis" "Stou Bos""The well of Beleri" reminiscent of Venetian likely lords who had settled and lived in the village.
Many lads warriors against the Turks with glorified bodies of Cretan fighters in all the rebellion of Crete.
In February 1823 many women, children and elders from Latsida as from other neighboring villages to save them had fled to the cave of Milatos.
Of these women when after the betrayal bloodthirsty Egyptian Hassan Pasha captured on February 21 Cave others killed and others sold into slavery in Egypt.
Even among the 30 fighters that defended the cave and killed by the Egyptians certainly many will came from Latsida.
But in subsequent struggles of our nation made to either release and other Greek lands from the Turkish yoke or to repel the various superstructure several from Latsida fought hard in Thessaly,Epirus, Macedonian and Thracian lands for the above ideals of Liberty the Fatherland and the Religion and shed plenty of blood.

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